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Sweet Akara Pancake

Am not a beans fan and so for a while I’ve been looking for another way to eat beans that would be okay for me. So if you’re in the category of “am not a beans lover”. Then this recipe is for you


1 cup peeled beans

Chopped Onion(as you like)

fresh pepper(as you like)

2 large eggs(optional)

Veggies of your choice like fresh tomato,green pepper etc(optional)

Salt(to taste)

1 tablespoon vegetable oil( for frying or greasing the pan)


Blend the beans with a little water to form a thick paste

Add in all the ingredients, then combine together.

Place a small frying pan(preferably non stick pan) on medium heat, add in a little bit of oil.

Scoop in a little of the bean batter(like normal flour pancake), cook until you notice some bubbles at the top of the akara, flip over and cook the other side until golden.

Repeat step until all the batter is fried.

Serve with Pap, custard or pepper Sauce. Enjoy!

Try it out and tell us how you loved it

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