Orange ginger juice


Your children will love the sweet taste of this juice that is made with carrots, oranges, apples, ginger and turmeric. Oranges are filled with vitamin C, a known immunity builder, ginger and turmeric are also power house.

Ginger has both antimicrobial and natural antibiotic properties and turmeric is filled with curcumin which makes cells more resistant to infections. Combining them both in this delicious juice will help ward off infection and ease the symptoms of cold and flu.

Instead of giving your children store bought drinks for school that is full of preservatives, make this for them instead, transfer it to fancy cans and give them to take in school

This is much healthier, sweeter and immune boosting


3 sweet oranges peeled (sliced)

5 medium carrots (cubed)

2 apples, I prefer red apples (cubed)

1 piece of ginger peeled

1/2 piece of fresh turmeric peeled/ 1/2 tsp of powdered turmeric (optional)


Press all ingredients through a juicer, stir and serve like that without sweeteners


If you don’t have a juicer, blend all the Ingredients together with a little water, pour through a filter and add any sweetening of your choice like pure honey, dates etc and serve

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