Honey and Lemon Tea


Lemon Tea is a wholesome, comforting, and soothing drink. It’s often made with black tea, lemon, and honey that’s loaded with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. The recipe I’ve shared right here reveals to you how to make Lemon Tea with Honey with straightforward step-by-step directions so that you can try to get pleasure

This Do-it-yourself Lemon Tea is without doubt one of the greatest drinks that helps with a sore throat, chilly, cough, digestion, and in addition weight reduction

It has the properties to burn undesirable fat that promote weight reduction. And it’s sometimes served very first thing in the morning or as a refreshment throughout mid-noon or night.


The substances you need to make this Honey and Lemon Tea are easy. They’re regular pantry substances and could be simply out there in supermarkets or grocery shops round. So let’s take a look at what are they under.

  • Black Tea – Indian black unfastened tea, you may be happy to make use of any model that is helpful to you.
  • Lemon – Loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants, and different minerals
  • Honey – Good supply of anti-inflammatory properties

Tips on how to make Lemon Tea with Honey?

The recipe I’ve shared right here is the basic and wholesome Lemon Tea with Honey that’s common for its soothing properties on a sore throat, chilly, and cough. This drink is made with black tea, lemon slices, and honey and has an ideal steadiness taste profile of tea, zesty lemon, and pure sweetness from the honey.

Following are the high-level directions to make this drink however for detailed step-by-step directions, look below

  • Boil the Water – In a saucepan with medium warmth, pour 4 cups of water and allow it to boil
  • Add Black Tea – Add 1 tsp of black unfastened leaf tea and brew it for 1 to 2 minutes
  • Add Lemon – Simmer and add 3 lemon slices. You can even skip including lemon on this step and add 1 tsp of lemon juice to the filtered black tea as a substitute
  • Brew – Shut the pan with its lid and brew it for a minute
  • Take away and Filter – Open the lid and take away the lemon tea. Filter the Lemon Tea with a superb mesh strainer
  • Add Honey – Add 1 tsp of honey and stir nicely. And now the refreshing Honey Lemon Tea is prepared so that you can enjoy yourself
  • Serve – Serve this drink to assuage your sore throat, chilly cough, and congestion. You can even get pleasure from this wholesome drink very first thing in the morning which helps in weight reduction


  • Brewing Tea and Lemon – Brewing black leaf tea and lemon slices ship a novel tea and citrusy taste to your drink. You may additionally skip brewing the lemon together with tea and alternatively, you may add a tsp of lemon juice to the filtered black tea for related outcomes
  • Honey – Honey is an effective supply of anti-inflammatory properties that’s good for enhancing the immunity and therapeutic the irritation from sore throat, chilly, and cough
  • Ginger – You can even add ginger to this tea.
  • Serving – Serve this Lemon Tea with Honey to alleviate your sore throat, chilly, or cough. You can even get pleasure from this wholesome drink very first thing in the morning that helps in weight reduction


Is Lemon Tea good for you? It’s the commonest query that comes into our minds. In line with WebMD and Healthline,

  • Lemons are wealthy in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamin C and these properties assist in boosting the immune system
  • Flavonoids current in lemon assist in controlling hypertension and promote good coronary heart well being
  • Ant-inflammatory property in honey helps to heal wounds and suppress coughs from children to adults
  • The properties of lemon may scale back the danger of diabetes, and cognitive decline, and helps with digestive points as nicely


This Honey and Lemon Tea That I’ve shared right here accommodates 20 energy per serving and it’s an estimation by the vitamin calculator. The calorie depend could change in the event you change any of the substances.

Storage Options

This tea tastes nice as quickly as it’s ready. So I might recommend you make this tea as contemporary as potential. Nonetheless, you may store the leftover tea in the fridge for a day.

Serving Options

Serve this Honey Lemon Tea to assuage your itchy throat, chilly, cough, or congestion. You can even get pleasure from this wholesome drink very first thing in the morning or as a refreshment for mid-afternoon or night. Although honey has a number of anti-inflammatory properties, you may also substitute it with maple syrup for a vegan-friendly model of this tea


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