Homemade Seasoning Cubes

Your perfect homemade seasoning cubes are here. Better than store bought as you know exactly what you put in it, which makes it a healthier option for you and family.


For chicken flavoured homemade seasoning stock cubes you will need:

500g Chicken bones or minced chicken breast
3 leeks (or 6 Spring onions)

1 onion

3 big carrots

Salt to taste (optional)

For fish flavoured homemade seasoning stock cubes you will need:

3 Mackerel/Titus heads

1 leek (or 2 spring onions)

1 onion

3 big carrots

Salt to taste (optional)

For beef flavoured homemade seasoning stock cubes you will need:

500g of cow ribs

3 leek (or 6 spring onions)

1 onion

3 big carrots

Salt to taste (optional)

For vegetable homemade seasoning stock cubes:

Here, you will need to use your favourite vegetables and herbs.

Cut them up, put them in a pot, add vegetable oil and salt and cook till they are very soft.

Blend and pass through a sieve then pour in ice cube trays and freeze.

Vegetables and herbs you can use include:

Leeks (or spring onions)



Scent leaves or parsley





Notes on the ingredients:

Leeks are root vegetables that belong to the same family as onions. They look like giant spring onions and are perfect for homemade seasoning cubes.

They are not common in Nigeria so use spring onions as alternative.

Where I live, I buy chicken bones from the chicken sellers. They usually take out the chicken
breast and the remaining bone still has enough meat for you to make your stock cubes with.

You can add salt when making your homemade seasoning stock cubes but I usually prepare mine without salt.

I don’t use the very green parts of leek because it makes the stock cubes taste so “green” that
my food tastes almost bitter.

I use cow ribs for my beef flavoured stock cubes because this part of beef is very tasty, contains bones and some natural oils, perfect for making homemade seasoning stock cubes. So you get all the benefits by using this part of beef.


The directions described here is for making chicken flavoured stock cubes in your home but the same procedure applies to beef flavoured, fish flavoured and vegetable homemade stock cubes.

Cut up the chicken and vegetables into small pieces.

Put everything in a pot, add water to half the level of the contents of the pot and cook on
medium to high heat for 45 minutes or till everything is soft and tender.

Set aside to cool down completely.

Remove the bones from the chicken.

Blend the chicken and vegetables.

Strain with a sieve to remove all traces of bones and other particles that did not blend well.

Pour into ice cube trays and place in the freezer overnight.

Once frozen, bring out from the ice cube trays(ice cube trays can be bought from big shopping malls or supermarkets) and put in a container with a cap.

Cover and put back in the freezer.

Enjoy and be sure to leave us a comment

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