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DIY Bar Soap recipe (from scratch) With Lye Solution

DIY Bar Soap recipe (from scratch) With Lye Solution

Diy bar Soap is useful for removing sweat and dirt from your body, many people use it as a regular part of their personal hygiene.

You have a lot of options for buying soap in malls, but you can make your diy bar soap at home. Making a mild soap can be both fun and cost effective and you can choose the ingredients based on your choices.

Want to try it out? Read on for guidelines on how to make homemade soap and a recipe you can get started with

Supplies for making soap

Slow cooker

Glass, or stainless steel container

Digital kitchen scale

Silicone spatula

Stainless steel blender

Thermometer for diy bar soap-making

Silicone mold or individual molds

Soap cutter

Equipments needed for safety


Rubber or latex gloves

Oven mitt

Long-sleeved shirt


Well ventilated area

Ingredients for diy bar soap

20 oz. coconut oil

10 oz. olive oil

9 oz. distilled water

4.78 oz. pure lye

20 to 40 drops of essential oils, if needed

Colorants (optional)

Dried herbs or flowers (optional)


Measure your ingredients for diy bar soap and put on your safety gear. Set the slow cooker to low.

Add the coconut oil to the slow cooker, As it melts, prepare the lye solution. 

In a stainless or glass container, Slowly add lye to the already measured water. 

Note: Do not add water to lye, it is very unsafe

With a spatula, carefully stir the solution as you add the lye, It will become hot and release fumes, which is very ok.

Set aside the lye solution, Allow to cool for 15 to 20 minutes.

Check the oils, If the coconut oil has completely melted, add the olive oil and Stir well.

Check the temperature of the oils using the thermometer, Once the oils have reached 120 to 130°F (49 to 54°C), place the immersion blender on the side of the slow cooker.

Gently pour in the lye to avoid splashing, and Stir slowly.

Set the blender to low and Stir the mixture, moving in circles for a perfect diy bar soap.

Keep the blender immersed to avoid air bubbles. Continue blending and stirring for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the soap has reached trace (This is when the oils and lye solution have thickened and look like pudding)

Cover the slow cooker and Cook on low for 50 minutes. If the mixture bubbles, stir it gently.

Turn off the slow cooker and Let it cool until the mixture drops below 180°F (82°C). 

Add essential oils and colorants, if using and Mix well.

Pour the diy bar soap mixture into soap mold, Smooth the top with a spatula. Tap the mold on your work surface to eliminate air bubbles. Then Top with dried herbs, if using.

After pouring the soap into the mold, let it sit for 24 hours.

Once cool, carefully remove the soap from the mold.

Cut into bars with a soap cutter or knife. If you used single soap molds, simply pop them out.

You can use your diy bar soap at this point, but you may want to let it dry for another week. This will improve its hardness and quality.


Always work in a ventilated area when preparing the lye for the diy bar soap.

When adding lye to water, avoid touching the container with bare hands or breathing in the fumes.

Never add the lye solution if the base oils are above 180°F (82°C).

You can use individual soap molds, which don’t require cutting.

When using essential oils:

The number of drops will usually depend on the oil’s quality and your personal preference. You might start with 20 drops if you prefer a lighter scent, and go up to 30 drops if you prefer a stronger scent. This may take some experimentation.

Fragrance oils are usually more concentrated, so you may want to start with fewer drops. It often helps to stick with one scent and one colorant until you understand how they affect the finished diy bar soap.

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