Weightloss Smoothie Recipes

A lot of people do not think about adding weightloss smoothie recipes to their time table or even think about their food habits, but they should. Thousands of people struggle with their weight daily. But, if they paid attention to what they ate and how much they were eating, then it would be easier to solve the problem. Many diet plans are confusing or can be very bland. 

The typical low-carb diets require that people give up the foods that they love. 

That is just too difficult for most people to do. The reality is that losing weight is not easy, but it is entirely possible with this weightloss smoothie recipes. These power house weightloss smoothie recipes are ways to lose weight naturally, without pills or surgery and still look good. Each one of these recipes has worked for different people in different situations. When used, these recipes can be extremely effective in helping you to lose weight quickly and safely.

What if there was a way that you could lose weight without feeling hungry? What if there was a way that you can take weightloss smoothie recipes without any pill and lose weight in a natural way, without obsessing over food and exercise the entire time?

Lose Weight, Feel Great! The purpose of this weightloss smoothie recipes is to provide you strategies that will teach you how to lose weight with ease. In addition, you will learn how to live a more healthy lifestyle, without having to join a gym. As an added bonus, you’ll also learn how to make your life better!

So lets get right into it


Add all ingredients into a blender and blend on high until its creamy. Then pour into a glass and it’s ready to be enjoyed!

Smoothie 1

This weightloss smoothie recipes is a great start to your morning. Also in the ingredients are slow digesting carbohydrates that will keep you full until noon. The fiber, fat, and protein in this recipe will ensure your body has what it needs to function at its best. This perfect weightloss smoothie is also packed with vitamins and nutrients. Use this recipe and you will achieve amazing weight loss and health benefit.


½ Cup Oatmeal or Rolled Oats

Half Frozen Banana

2/3 Cup Almond

¼ Cup Greek Yogurt

2/3 Cup Coconut Milk

¼ Cup Strawberry

Smoothie 2

If you want the benefits of regular milk without all the extra calories, Mixed Berries & Spinach Natural Milk is for you. This product has half the calories of regular skimmed milk and is laboratory proven to support weight loss. This detox weightloss smoothie recipes provides you with over 75 nutrients and antioxidants.


½ Cup Spinach Leaves

One tbsp Chia Seeds

1 Cup Almond Milk, without sugar

One Cup Mixed Berries (Strawberry, Blackberry, Blueberry)

One Scoop Whey Protein

Smoothie 3

If you are looking for a tropical treat high in vitamin C and powerful antioxidants, try this green energy weightloss smoothie recipes. Orange fruits are rich in Vitamin C and mangoes can help to speed up metabolism. Add on some Matcha Green Tea powder for an extra kick of antioxidants and metabolism booster. This recipe is easy to prepare, throw it all into a blender and blend on high until its creamy. Then pour into glasses and it’s ready to be served and enjoyed with loved ones.


2 tbsp Matcha Green Tea Powder

Half Cup Orange Juice (squeeze out the juice from orange)

½ Cup Frozen Mango

½ Cup Coconut Milk (don’t add Sugar)

Half Frozen Banana

Smoothie 4

This weightloss smoothie recipes is a great way to put some energy into your body without adding a lot of extra calories. With the fruit and the whey protein this smoothie will provide a boost of energy, help build muscle, and keep you full for hours at a time. This is a great recipe to help you lose weight. While also giving your body more energy needed.


One Scoop Whey Protein

1 Cup Orange Juice

½ Frozen Banana

½ Cup Pinneapple

Smoothie 5

This weightloss smoothie recipes is loaded with protein, fiber, and loads of vitamins and minerals. While also being low in sodium, calories, and carbohydrates which makes it perfect. This makes for a great meal replacement for anyone who enjoys who enjoys good smoothie. This tropical smoothie has all the bold tropical flavors you want in a smoothie with coconut, banana, and pineapple. Coconut oil has been well known for its health properties and energy inducing properties.


1 Cup Coconut Milk

1 Tbsp Coconut Oil

½ Frozen Banana

¼ Cup Frozen diced Pineapple

One Scoop Whey Protein

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