25 Essential Baking Tools for a Homecook and Pro Chef

Baking is a craft that requires both skill and having all the right baking tools. Whether you’re a pro chef or a Homecook, having the right tools on hand is essential for success. As a professional baker, you need to have the right tools in your kitchen to help you create amazing baked goods.

There’s no denying that baking is a science. And, like any science, it requires the right tools to get the job done right. Whether you’re a professional baker or just getting started in the kitchen, having the right baking tools on hand can make all the difference in your baking success.

Here are 25 essential baking tools that every baker should have.

Measuring cups and spoon

Mixing bowl set

Kitchen scale

Oven thermometer

Baking pans

Cooling racks

Piping bags and decorating tips

Cake turntable


Bench scraper

Pastry brush

Rolling pin

Cookie cutter

Cake tester

Icing Spatula


Wooden spoon


Baking Sheet/parchment paper

Pie dish


Kitchen timer

Electric mixer

Casserole Dishes

Baking stones

Oven gloves

1. Measuring cups and spoon

Measuring ingredients accurately is key to successful baking. Invest in a good set of measuring cups and spoons, and make sure to calibrate your measuring tools regularly. This is the most important baking tools

2. Mixing bowl set

A good set of mixing bowls is essential for any baker. Choose bowls that are made of durable material and are the right size for the recipes you’ll be making.

3. Kitchen scale

A kitchen scale is essential for weighing ingredients, especially when baking with precise recipes.

4. Oven thermometer

An oven thermometer is a must-have baking tools for any baker. It helps you ensure that your oven is at the correct temperature for baking. Choose an oven thermometer that is accurate and that is the right size for your oven.

5. Baking pans

A good set of baking pans is a must-have for any baker. Choose pans that are the right size and shape for the recipes you’ll be making.

6. Cooling racks

Cooling racks are necessary for cooling baked goods after they come out of the oven. Choose cooling racks that are made of durable material and that are the right size for the baked goods you’ll be cooling.

7. Piping bags and decorating tips

If you want to decorate your baked goods, you’ll need a good set of decorating tools. Choose decorating tips, piping bags, and other baking tools that are the right size and shape for the designs you want to create.

8. Cake turntable

A cake turntable makes it much easier to decorate cakes.

9. Spatula

Spatulas are a must-have for any baker. They’re perfect for stirring, scooping, and more.

10. Bench scraper

A bench scraper is a handy tool for scraping dough and icing off of surfaces.

11. Pastry brush

A pastry brush is an essential baking tools for applying glazes and sauces.

12. Rolling pin

A rolling pin is essential for rolling out dough.

13. Cookie cutters

Cookie cutters are necessary for cutting cookies into shapes. Choose cookie cutters that are the right size and shape for the cookies you’ll be cutting.

14. Cake tester

A cake tester is a handy baking tools that every baker should have. It allows you to test cakes for doneness without having to cut into them.

15. Icing spatula

An icing spatula is essential for applying icing to cakes and cupcakes.

16: Sifter – A sifter is essential for sifting flour and other dry ingredients.

17. Wooden spoon – A wooden spoon is great for stirring batter and dough.

18. Whisk – A whisk is perfect for mixing ingredients together quickly and easily.

19. Baking sheet/parchment paper – Baking sheets are essential for baking cookies, pastries, and other treats. Choose baking sheets that are made of durable material and that have a non-stick coating. This baking tools is also important to avoid burnt baked goods.

20. Pie dishPie dish are necessary for baking pies. Choose pie dish that are the right size and shape for the pies you’ll be baking.

21. Oven – An oven is necessary for baking all types of baked goods.

22. Kitchen timer: This is essential for keeping track of baking times. A timer is used for making sure your baked goods are cooked for the right amount of time. Choose a timer that is easy to use.

23. Electric mixer: An electric mixer is a must-have baking tools for any baker. It makes mixing ingredients a breeze and can save you time and energy.

24.Casserole Dishes

Casserole dishes are great for baking casseroles, obviously. But they can also be used for other types of baked goods, like lasagna, macaroni and cheese, and even desserts.

25. Baking Stones

Baking stones are perfect for baking breads, pizzas, and other flatbreads.

These are just a few of the many essential baking tools that you need to be a professional baker. With these tools, you’ll be able to bake anything you can dream of! Baking is a passion for many people, and having the right tools can make all the difference in the quality of your baked goods. With the right tools, you can bake like a pro!

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