Simple Natural Remedies To Eliminate Toothache
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10 Simple Natural Remedies To Eliminate Toothache

Toothache is a pain that is caused in and around the teeth and jaws which may be sharp, throbbing or constant. Toothaches are caused by tooth decay, infection or broken fillings.

Most people feel pain only when pressure is applied to the tooth and we can see the swelling around the tooth. Simple Home remedies made from ingredients available at home provide massive relief from discomfort which may be temporary but effective for sure.

Here are some of the best methods recommended by dentists:

1: Garlic
A fresh clove of garlic should be crushed and then mixed with a little salt, then apply the mixture to the affected tooth. A clove of garlic crushed with a teaspoon of peanut butter applied to the tooth is also effective for pain relief.

You can also place a whole clove of garlic on the tooth for 30 minutes. If you’re able to apply pressure, bite down on the clove, allowing some of the juice to release on the affected tooth provides a natural soothing anesthetic. It Gives relief within 20 minutes.

Chewing a clove of garlic also strengthens the immunity of the weakened tooth enabling it to heal from infection, reducing pain and inflammation.

2: Thyme
Thyme is medicinal and its an effective remedy. Add One drop of thyme essential oil to a glass of water to make a mouthwash.

3: Peppermint Tea
Add One teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves to a cup of boiling water and allow to steep for 20 minutes. Allow to cool, then sip some swish around your mouth like mouthwash and spit it out.

Peppermint is excellent for drawing out any infection associated with toothache while acting as a natural painkiller.

4: Aloe Vera
Apply aloe Vera gel to the affected area and mildly massage, spit it out after one minute and rinse your mouth well.

5: Ginger Root

Ginger is highly regarded as one of the world’s most important spices. For centuries it has been used for its flavor and for its curative properties

Place a teaspoon of powdered Ginger and Cayenne pepper into a cup and add a few drops of water, mix until it becomes a watery paste. Place a cotton ball into the mixture until it’s saturated and place on the affected tooth. Try to keep the cotton ball on the tooth as the Cayenne pepper can irritate the surrounding gums.

Ginger without the Cayenne pepper is equally as effective in the relief of toothache pain. You can purchase whole Ginger root at the market and is effective for providing rapid toothache relief.
Cut an inch piece size of Ginger root, peel off the skin layer and place the piece of Ginger on the affected tooth.

If you could, gently bite down holding it in place. Doing this alone can rapidly decrease pain as the healing properties of the Ginger become absorbed into the affected area.

Again, if you could, chew the piece of Ginger swishing the Ginger juice around the painful tooth.

6: Cloves
A person can soak a small cotton wool in clove oil and then apply it to the area affected by the painful tooth. Dried whole cloves can be used. Gently chew a whole clove to release its oil and hold in place
against the affected tooth for up to 30 minutes.

7: Ice cube
Wrap an ice cube inside a washcloth, run cold water over it for 10 seconds, enough to dampen the area containing the ice cube (this allows for the coolness of the ice cube to permeate through the washcloth). Place on the tooth itself or within the area of the toothache OR Try using an icepack if you have one.

This is also effective for numbing pain on the affected area. Place the icepack directly on the affected side and compress it. This should be applied to the cheek or jaw that is causing the most pain and discomfort.

8: Salt Water Gargle

Salt has been used for over 3,000 years as a natural food preserver and effective to kill bacteria which is why salt is still recommended to this day for the natural treatment of wounds and infections and has been known to be highly effective in the treatment of toothache.

Create a saline solution by simply adding a teaspoon of sea salt to a glass of lukewarm water and rinse around your mouth for around 20 to 30 seconds before spitting out. You can also add sea salt directly to the tooth or affected area if you don’t mind the salty taste.

9: Onion
Onion has its miracle healing properties and is a natural antiseptic. So potent are the medicinal properties of onion in the treatment of ailments that it has been
officially recognized by the World Health Organization.

Place pieces of crushed onion big enough to cover the affected tooth. Leave on the tooth for 30 minutes to help kill bacteria and give pain relief. If you can, cut off a sized piece of onion and chew it for 2 minutes. This will release the antiseptic qualities of the onion and help the pain to subside.

10: Pure Vanilla and Almond Extract
Because pure Vanilla Extract and Almond Extract both contain alcohol. Vanilla extract has a slightly higher alcoholic content making it a little more effective than Almond extract, they both offer pain killing properties.

Using a cotton ball, soak it in the pure vanilla extract solution and apply to
the affected tooth or area. This should provide a numbing sensation within minutes.

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